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"Red can make you a whale! A really grand whale!"

V. Valenti has posted loads of vintage Japanese ads on flickr and few are more fascinating than the 1960s Suntory Red adverts that I posted about in December. With Vinnie’s permission I have translated the copy of some more of the adverts.&nbsp…

1960s Suntory ads targeting young tipplers

These two ads from an old Suntory Red blended whisky campaign (found here) are new to me. Love the look.

 The ad above seemed to be aimed at the younger generation, but would perhaps not be possible nowadays, in these politically correct, healt…

A new Ichiro blend

Nate and Chris at The Whisky Wall beat me to the draw on a new blended whisky from Ichiro Akuto (by about a month). It is significant because Akuto sees bottlings like this as important to his Chichibu distillery’s development at a time when its sin…

A new whisky blog and a massive boost for Nonjatta

I am really pleased to announce that Stefan, a multi-talented fellow Tokyo resident, is getting into whisky blogging and has agreed to join the Nonjatta team. Stefan–who among other accomplishments is a composer, teacher and whisky enthusiast–has jus…

A personal announcement

It has become customary for me to make rather dramatic posts completely unrelated to alcohol around this time of year. Last year, it was about the earthquake and Fukushima disaster and the birth of my younger son, Dan, amid that chaos. Unfortunately, D…

Akashi 12-year-old

DistilleryWhite OakReview by Nonjatta contributor – Dramtastic:”Akashi 12-year-old. 50-percent alcohol.Nose: Strong notes of vanilla, sherry, euchalyptus fire, burnt pie crust, overipe peach, burnt popcorn. A little sulphur, which works with thi…

Another 1 million yen whisky


What do you get when you combine a “living national treasure” and 35-year-old whisky? A bill for 1,000,000 yen (about $12,000).

Nicholas Coldicott (Twitter)
alerted us to an article in the Asahi Shimbun about another of
Suntory`s high-end …

Bar Harbour Inn and Koyuki’s replacement as highball face

Whiskies R Us has a review of a Bar Harbour Inn in Kita-ku, Osaka here.(While you are there, read this interesting post on why a pregnant Koyuki was replaced as the face of Suntory’s highball campaign)

Camper English on Whisky Bars

The award-winning drinks writer Camper English has a post about whisky bars in Japan, following his recent visit. Oil, in particular, looks intriguing.

Cask strength posting on Japan

I have just noticed an interesting post on caskstrength.net about a trip to Japan. This first post is about expertly made cocktails and the Yamazaki distillery. There is another coming on Hakushu.

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