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Yamazaki 50 Years Old

Yamazaki 50 yo Old

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Yamazaki 50yo Old

Buy Yamazaki 50yo Old

Yamazaki 50 year Old

Buy Yamazaki 50 year Old

Yamazaki 50 Year old Old

Buy Yamazaki 50 Year old Old

Yamazaki 50 Years old Old

Buy Yamazaki 50 Years old Old

Yamazaki 50 år Old

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Photo of Yamazaki 50 Years Old

Uniquely Japanese

Distilled in first edition Japanese pot stills, the key malt that forms the base spirit for this whisky was stored in a Japanese mizunara oak cask to mature quietly over more than half a century. This precious well-aged single malt whisky with a rich, elegant aroma embodies the refined spirit of Japan.


This is the oldest Japanese whisky in the world and probably will stay that way forever.. If i remember correctly it was put out for 50.000$ and sold out within seconds, wow!

The bouquet features a sumptuously sweet Oriental fragrance inherited from the mizunara cask. Strong on the palate yet as mellow as silk with a hint of smokiness.

Tasting note by Suntory

About the whisky

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August 5th, 2010

That bottle almost makes me cry.. I just wanna hold it and look at it in the real world but i guess they will never see the light of day again. Locked behind thick metal vaults they collect more dust each year.. Ohh well..

There a quiet funny story behind this bottle but i think Suntory will shut this page down if i spill it out so send me a message if your interested in a bit of history!