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Karuizawa 1994, Bot. 2006, Cask No. 2221 Full Proof

Photo of Karuizawa 1994, Bot. 2006, Cask No. 2221 Full Proof
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This is matured in an ex-Glenlivet Sherry Butt!

1st bottling.

Colour: white wine. Nose: much rawer, milky and mashy, leafy, with notes of tobacco ashes... But we know Karuizawa needs water, don’t we? With water: it got very farmy, herbal, leathery. Hints of ‘clean’ baby vomit (which is not bad, mind you), rotting apples... Definitely wild. Mouth (neat): very punchy, with good oakiness and spiciness. Definitely resinous and spicy but let’s bring it down to our favourite tasting strength, 45% (all pros will tell you it’s much too high – okkkkaaaaaay). Well, that didn’t work as beautifully as with the officials but that’s probably because of the much lower cask influence here. Still a bit raw and hot, spirity, grainy... Finish: long, fruity and mashy, with a little pepper and paprika. A little youngish but it’s good distillation, no doubt. Let’s just say this one is less outta this world than the older OB’s, which makes perfect sense I guess (despite – or is it because of? – the ex-Glenlivet butt). 83 points.

Tasting note by Serge Valentine Whiskyfun

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