Photograph: Daiji Hirata

Hakushu 1997, Bot. 2009, Cask No. BD40259

Photo of Hakushu 1997, Bot. 2009, Cask No. BD40259
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Colour: straw. Nose: almost the same whisky as BJ40958. Maybe a little more plain oak. With water: evolves differently this time, with more wood spices. More ginger, vanilla, straight oak. Mouth (neat): once again, same as BJ40958. Listing many difference would mean splitting hairs and, frankly, showing off. With water: same. Just the same. Finish: medium long, sweetly oak and oakily sweet. Plain oak in the aftertaste. Comments: works very well, but other than that… Maybe a little more oomph than in BJ40958. SGP:441 – 80 points.

Tasting note by Serge Valentine Whiskyfun

About the whisky

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