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Glengoyne 17 Years

Glengoyne 17 yo

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Glengoyne 17yo

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Glengoyne 17 year

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Glengoyne 17 Year old

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Glengoyne 17 Years old

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Glengoyne 17 år

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Glengoyne 17 mlynedd

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Glengoyne 17 Ans

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Glengoyne 17 лет

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Glengoyne 17 Jahre

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A very highly rated whisky, coming top of the pops in a number of expert blind tastings in the past. At 17 years old the whisky has benefited from greater exposure to the cask and the mature characteristics that this brings. A more concentrated but well balanced palate of flavours is evident whilst retaining the clean unpeated taste of the 10 year old product.
The product is more suited to an after-dinner style of drink with the oak lactones more prevalent.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Medium golden, clear and bright.
Nose: Soft, mature, mellow oak and apple fruitiness.
Palate: Rich, full oak and fruit, very long, rich finish.

Very clean nose: the oak is minimal with honeyed-grassy malt. Beguiling.

A fabulous, honey-sweet infusion of tender malty notes do take on a waxy middle.

Bitter-sweet and still waxy with mounting vanilla and even a late hint of cocoa.

By no means the most complex whisky on the market, but unquestionably one of the most elegant and charming.

Jim Murray

About the whisky

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