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2016, ready to roll! (and more on NAS) This is a interview I did a few days ago. Ready at your own perils. Hi Serge, how are you(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)(null)t, or simply showing off. Let them try some pu-erh, some earl grey, and some wulong, and check if they find those wildly different teas similar. If they do, they have a problem, no me ;-). Frankly, you cannot say that there are more than 700 different detectable molecules in any whisky, and then red(null)(null)(null)S

An interview, read at your own perils…

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