My photos are on your site!

I try to only use photos that are on Flickr and under Creative Commons License. I give credit to all photographers and a link to the profiler page on Flickr. If you have changed your license or you just don’t want your picture on my site, please let me know and I will remove it. The small thumbnails you see on the right side of the site are just automatically fetched from Flickr. If you click on the thumbnail you come to your photo on the Flickr site.


There are different copyright owners for different content on chwisgi.com. Here is some of the differences

  • Photos: I mainly use photos that are under Creative Commons License and I give credit to the owners of the photos. Check with photographer before you make a copy of a photo.
  • Photos of whisky bottles: I mainly use photos from The Whisky Exchange. Before you use any of the these photos, ask TWE if you can reuse their photos.
  • Whisky news: I syndicate parts of news from other whisky sites. The content is copyrighted by the specific site.
  • User generated content like forum posts, reviews and profile pages are owned by the user who created the content.
  • Distillery information is coming from Wikipedia and is under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Can I or our company advertise on this site?

Yes, just send me a mail and we can have a discussion about it.

No answer for your question?

Just send me an mail at jens@chwisgi.com and I’ll try to answer you question.