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The Famous Grouse

The Famous Grouse is a brand of blended Scotch whisky, first produced by Matthew Gloag & Son Ltd. in 1897, and now produced by The Edrington Group. The malt whiskies used in The Famous Grouse blend include The Glenrothes, Highland Park Single Malt and Macallan Single Malt. Its emblem is the Red Grouse.

Matthew Gloag was a grocer and wine merchant in Perth, Scotland. Gloag purchased whiskies from distilleries around Scotland, and when Queen Victoria visited Perth in 1842, he was invited to supply the wines for the royal banquet.

In 1860, his son, William Gloag, took over the company and began producing blended whiskies. In 1896, William’s son, Matthew, named after his grandfather, took over the company. He created The Grouse Brand blend in 1897, which was later renamed “The Famous Grouse.”

In 1970, Matthew Gloag & Son Ltd., owned by the Gloag family, was sold to Highland Distillers, after the death of the chairman, Matthew Frederick Gloag. (via Wikipedia)

About the distillery

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