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Tasmania Distillery

Tasmania Distillery was established in 1994 on the banks of the River Derwent at Sullivans Cove, the site where the British planted their flag and began to build the settlement that became the City of Hobart, Australia’s second oldest city. The distillery named the whisky it produced ‘Sullivans Cove’ to acknowledge the history of the site and the place it was distilled. The first distillations commenced in 1995 and its single pot still has continued to operate ever since.

Over the years production continued and with a change of ownership in 2003 the barrelled whisky, still and equipment was relocated to Cambridge, a quiet village on the outskirts of Hobart. The pot still was put back into production and is yielding up to 120 x 200 litre casks of new fill whisky spirit per year.

As experience and knowledge advanced, the distillers began to produce a spirit that has matured into a whisky of the highest quality. In fact the whisky has won gold, silver and bronze medals at Malt Whisky Society of Australia’s blind tasting in 2005, is the winner of the 2007 World Whiskies Awards ‘Best Other” whisky, is consistently scoring in the 90’s (up to 95 points) in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.

The Sullivans Cove Single Malt bottled today is selected from only the best barrels and each bottle is filled and labelled by hand. No chill filtering, colours or flavours are used.  Being a small but growing company our strength results from an emphasis on quality rather than volume which is only possible due to the ownership structure. Unlike many other companies today producing premium quality single malt whisky, Tasmania Distillery is not part of a global corporation but is owned by a small group of dedicated, enthusiast businessman and distillers.

About the distillery

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