Photograph: Magnus

Strathmore (North of Scotland) Distillery

Mr George Christie, of the North of Scotland DistillingCompany, opened Strathmore Distillery in 1957. The distillery was theformer Knox Forth Brewery which stood in the shadow of the giant Distillers Company Distillery at Cambus, which is a couple of miles from the famous brewing town of Alloa. At the time George was converting the brewery, he was informed that that it was a listed building and he could not raise the roof to accommodate the stills. Not to be beaten by red tape George ingeniously lowered the stillroom floor. The distillery operated until about 1980 producing a premium single grain and even occasionally experimenting with single malt. The buildings were finally demolished in 1993.

Now few warehouse still remains and they are used as Cambus Distillery.

Produced the Alloa Single Grain brand.

About the distillery

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