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Stranahan’s Distillery

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey is a 94 proof, small-batch whiskey distilled in Denver, Colorado. Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey is the first microdistillery making whiskey in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains as well as one of the first in the country. Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey is the first of a new category known as “Rocky Mountain Straight Whiskey”

The whiskey is made from a unique four-barley fermented wash that consists of carbon filtered Rocky Mountain water and western barley that is grown in the Northern Rockies. The wash is distilled in a Vendome Copper custom-made pot/still and then aged in 52.8 gallon heavily charred, American white oak whiskey barrels for a minimum of two years. 10 barrels are combined to make each batch.

Stranahan’s is named after minority owner, educator and activist George Stranahan, who also owns the Flying Dog Brewery formerly of Denver, currently located in Maryland.

About the distillery

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