Photograph: Stonedean Ltd

Stonedean Limited

Richard Day was born on 24th December 1880 in Coldstream. When he left School in 1895 he went to work as the office boy for J & A Davidson who owned the Coldstream Brewery, the Red Lion Public house and a Licensed Grocers in Duke Street. His first task every morning was to wind the office clock. J & A Davidson was established in 1820 and as with many Licensed Grocers of the time they blended Scotch Whisky, one of these was The Tweeddale Blend.

Richard Day eventually took over the Licensed Grocers and from 1923 the name above the shop in Duke Street was “RICHARD DAY”. He continued to blend Scotch Whisky and Rum up until the start of the 2nd World War when production had to stop.

Richard Day died in1965, the year Alasdair Day was born. His cellar book with the The Tweeddale Blend has been handed down the Day family line. In January 2009 Alasdair established Stonedean Limited to recreate The Tweeddale Blend using the recipes in the “Cellar Book”.

The Tweeddale blend is a high malt content (50%) blend bottled at 46% and was a big hit at 2010′s Whisky Show.

About the distillery

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