Photograph: Bloodstain

St. George’s Distillery

The distillery sits on the banks of the river Thet just off the A11 between East Harling and Roudham on the B1111.

The malt spirit is now developing a rich mustard colour, the flavour and smell are exceptional. The special edition, first release will be ready for Christmas 09, they have now sold out of this special release.

The distillery produced its first ‘run’ in November 2006 and it was with much excitement and with an enormous sense of achievement when they filled the first barrel of ‘St. George’s whisky’. They now produce on average 13 casks a week, building up a good stock of delicious English Malt Spirit. Their Spirit has to sit in barrels for 3 years before it can be called ‘whisky’.

About the distillery

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