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Port Gordon Malting Plant

Portgordon Malting plant was built on a green field site on the Moray Firth coast near to the mouth of the River Spey during 1978/79. The first barley was taken into the plant in August 1979 and the first malt produced in April 1980.

Located in the heartland of the world famous Scotch Whisky Distilling region, Potgordon specialises in providing a consistent and high quality product to the prestigious malt whisky distilling industry. The site’s close proximity to the malt distilleries on Speyside is further enhanced by being situated close to the top quality malting barley growing areas of Morayshire, Banffshire and Aberdeenshire.

A program of continuous upgrading and expansion has increased the annual plant capacity to in excess of 40,000 tonnes of plain and peated distilling malt styles.

The site is managed by Richard Lake, a long term Crisp Malting Group Ltd employee. Richard joined the Company in 1975 and brings to Portgordon the dedication and skills learned at Great Ryburgh and, more recently, as manager of Alloa Maltings.

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About the distillery

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