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Glentauchers Distillery

Scotland — Speyside

Glenturret Distillery

Scotland — Highland

The Glenturret Distillery is located on the banks of the Turret River two miles north west of Crieff in Perthshire, Scotland. The distillery is hidden in the valley and its secluded location may have contributed to its early history as …

Glenugie Distillery

Scotland — Highland

Glenury Royal Distillery

Scotland — Highland

Gotland Whisky

Sweden — Gotland

New Swedish distillery. Copper stills have been delivered during summer 2010. The first whisky, named Isle of Lime will be for sale at 2013. 3D video of the distillery.…

Great Outback Distillery

Australia —

Great Southern Distillery

Australia —

Grythyttan Whisky

Sweden — Närke

New Swedish distillery.…

Guillon Distillery

France —

H.S. Persse Nun’s Island (Galway) Distillery

Ireland — Western Ireland

This distillery had a chequered early past. Originally run by a Patrick Joyce, it had already closed down when it was bought by Burton Persse in 1840. He already owned two distilleries, but converted the Nun’s Island distillery to a …

Hakushu distillery

Japan — Southern Japan Alps

In 1973, Suntory built the Hakushu distillery at the foot of Mt. Kaikomagatake in the Southern Japan Alps. It developed an unparalleled variety of malt whiskies and highly refined techniques in these two utopias of whisky, and brought to market …

Hanyu Distillery

Japan —

This family business was established in 1626 by the Akuto family who were originally sake-makers in the town of Chichibu. Isouji Akuto, the 19th generation of the Akuto family, built a factory in Hanyu city, north-west of Tokyo, in 1941 …

Heaven Hill Distilleries

USA — Kentucky

Hellyers Road Distillery

Australia — Tasmania

Heublein Distillery

Brazil —

Highland Park Distillery

Scotland — Island

Highland Park Distillery is located at Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands, the northernmost distillery in Scotland, a half mile north from that of Scapa.

Production and character

The distillery was founded in 1798. The name of this whisky does not …

Hof Holle Distillery

Switzerland —

Höhler Distillery

Germany —

The Höhler Distillery was founded in 1895 as a maker of fruit liquors. The present owner is a fourth generation member of the family, Holger Höhler. In 2001 he started turning out small batches of whisky using a recipe consisting …

Hokonui Distillery

New Zealand —

Holl Distillery

Switzerland —