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Cooley Distillery

Cooley Distillery is the only independent, Irish-owned whiskey distillery in Ireland, converted in 1987 from an older industrial potato ethanol plant by John Teeling. The Distillery is located on the Cooley Peninsula in County Louth on Ireland’s eastern coast.

The distillery uses only the finest Irish barley and has its own spring water source coming from the Sliabh na Gloch river high up in the Cooley mountains.

The distillery produces Kilbeggan and Lockes whiskeys, as well as Connemara single malt, Ireland’s only peated whiskey, Tyrconnell single malt and Greenore, Ireland’s oldest single grain whiskey. Other products include Michael Collins single malt, and a Michael Collins blended version.

What makes Cooley’s whiskey distillery distinctive is their use of small copper pot stills with very large necks. These cause the spirits to take 50 percent longer to pass through, and the distillers believe that the result is a more refined product. In addition, many Cooley brand whiskeys are distilled only twice as opposed to the more common Irish method of distilling the spirits three times. This gives Cooley’s products much more flavor than most Irish whiskeys. The whiskeys are matured in the 200 year old granite warehouses of Kilbeggan Distillery located in County Westmeath, some 60 miles away.


  • Tyrconnell
  • Greenore (single grain)
  • Kilbeggan (blended)
  • Locke’s (blended)
  • Millar’s (blended)
  • Connemara (peated)
  • Inishowen (peated)

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