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Convalmore Distillery

The Convalmore-Glenlivet Distillery Co Ltd was established on the 24th June 1893 and construction of the distillery was completed in 1894. Designed by the architect Donald Mackay from Dufftown Convalmore was the 4th distillery to be established in Dufftown.

In March 1904 W & P Lowrie & Co Ltd. of Glasgow purchased the distillery for £ 6000. This company was a successful whisky merchant and blender of wholesale whisky but did not have their own distillery. In 1906 James Buchanan, a customer of Lowrie, acquired most of the company shares as W&P Lowrie & Co Ltd were now suffering from the down turn in the demand for mature whisky.

After a serious fire, on the 29th October 1909, that practically destroyed the distillery. The distillery was rebuilt during the following year, the owners decided to add a continuous still for distilling a malt wash. This still had a continuous capacity for 2273 litres an hour.

The experiment with a column still lasted until 1916. The process was abandoned because the spirit would not mature evenly. Pot still distillation was resumed.

In 1925 the distillery was merged into DCL

During the 1970’s the distillery built a new mash house, expanded its bonded warehouses and built a dark-grains plant. At some point the company was renamed as W & P Lowrie & Co Ltd, Distillers Company Ltd

This company was sold to United Distillers Ltd in 1987. Unfortunately just before this take-over the Convalmore distillery was closed in 1985.

In1990 the property was purchased by William Grant & Sons for warehousing facilities The Convalmore distillery equipment is now completely dismantled

Convalmore was not released as a standard single malt. The only two official bottlings have been limited editions at cask strength.

About the distillery

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