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Box Distillery

In the fall of 2004 Per & Mats Devahl got the idea of starting a distillery in the Kramfors region in the northern part of Sweden. During the coming years the idea developed and new contacts was born, which lead to the birth of the founder group. Also the well known beer & whisky consultant Anders Jonasson joined the project together with legendary John McDougall. In May 2007 Maribergs Distillery (now named Ådalens Distillery) was founded. by the six people in the founding group. After a new issue of shares in the fall of 2007 the company got about 100 new part-owners. During the coming years the project worked with setting the details for the machine equipment together with specialist within distilling and processing industry. In the process the project has also created the pot still design for the distillery. Parts of the machinery has been bought and the project has been working on building a network with other newly started distilleries.

In the end of 2007, the project started an import business and has now had seven own bottling of single cask whisky under the trademark BOX Selected Single Malt Whisky, produced in collaboration with John McDougall.  These have been very popular and one of these bottling, the Box Selected Single Malt Bruichladdich 1992, won the best Bourbon Malt whisky at the Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival 2008. The company is also an agent for John McDougalls own bottling in Sweden. The import business will continue to evolve and as part of this was the end of 2008 a completely separate product, BOX Vatted Malt,  which is unique to Box Whisky. It is a quality single malt Scotch whisky consisting of from four regions of Scotch whisky, mixed to create a balanced character and full flavour experience.

In the summer of 2009 a news issue of shares was held which was a success and gave a good basis for further funding.  Building permits have continued and are in good stage for a swift handling during the now commenced construction phase. Shareholder number increased in 2009 to over five hundred with a few large and long-term owners in addition to the founding group that is still in the majority. A new board was appointed in autumn 2009 and former chairman Thomas Larsson was hired as CEO. New Board of Directors consists of:

Svante Nilsson, Chairman.
Jan Sahlén, member (founder)
Anders Jonasson, member (founder)
Birger Larsson, Member (BLL Invest)
Håkan Jarskog, member (Nordic Whisky Capital)

The copper boiler is to be supplied by midsummer 2010 by the venerable firm of Forsyth, Scotland. Planned production start is late summer 2010 and the planned production capacity will be around 140 000 litres per year.

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May 29th, 2010

I am in The area of Box right now and am doing much plannining and scheming work for the company, of which I am also a shareholder,

We will be at the “cutting edge” of innovation within a traditional mould of Good Whisky making.

We will certainly be one of the Principal Drivers of this amazing Scandinavian Distilling Revolution……That is for sure !!!!


May 18th, 2010

Last visit for me was last week when the new tile flooring was being laid down. NEAT! It also has the same look as in the early days of the building, when it was used as a power plant.