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Arthur Bell & Sons (Bell’s)

The accepted practice in the 1830′s was to use young, immature whiskies for blending. Arthur Bell, however, was adamant that only mature whiskies be used in the blend of Bells Whisky, a decision that earned him a reputation not only as a specialist blender, but as a man of vision with the highest regard for quality.

In the early days Bell refused to put his name on a blend, believing that the quality should speak for itself.

After his sons joined the company, they convinced him that branding their product could only be good for business and in 1904 the first label appeared bearing the words “Arthur Bell & Sons Extra Special Old Scotch Whisky, Perth, Established 1825″.

It was only in 1925 that “Afore ye go” was registered as the official company slogan for Bells Whisky.

It’s story is as follows: During the First World War, the Bell family would have a few cases of Bell’s Extra Special Old Scotch Whisky sent down to the docks to be distributed among the troops going off to the Western Front. The idea being that they should have a wee dram, …”afore ye go”.

The Blend that is Bells Whisky

The Bells Whisky blend is famed for its distinctive character and taste. To achieve this, Bell’s draws its inherent qualities from four of Scotland’s finest distilleries, each with its own extra special appeal.


Standing close to the sea on the mouth of the River Spey, Inchgower offers a malt of complex aroma and fruity, spicy taste with a hint of salt.

Blair Athol

This renowned distillery stands on peaty moorland in the Highland resort of Pitlochry and offers a malt of mellow, deep-toned aroma with a strong fruity flavour and smooth finish.


Situated in the Dullan Glen and drawing water from the springs of Convalleys and Balliemore, Pittyvaich brings to the discerning connoisseur a single malt of perfumed, fruity nose and robust flavour with a hint of spiciness.


The old stone buildings of this distillery stand proudly beside the Dullan River. From inside its walls comes a single Highland Malt Whisky with a delicate, fragrant, almost flowery aroma and taste which lingers on the palate.

About the distillery

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