Photograph: Joanna Young

Arran Distillery

The Arran Distillery is located at Lochranza, Scotland, the only distillery on the Isle of Arran. Arran Distillery was founded in 1995 and is the first legal distillery built on the Isle of Arran in over 150 years. The water for the malt is from Loch na Davie.

The distillery of the Isle of Arran was founded by Harold Currie, former director of Chivas. The spirit produced in the distillery has officially been called “whisky” since the summer of 1998. To celebrate this event, a limited bottling has been released, to restore an ancient tradition. There used to be about fifty distilleries on the island, but most of them were “moonlight” or illegal distilleries.

A proportion of the casks are stored in the warehouses of Springbank, due to a lack of room in the distillery, and the legal impossibility of extending the current warehouses at the Arran distillery.

The whisky of Arran is used in lots of blends, among others Loch Ranza and Holy Isle Cream Liquor.

About the distillery

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