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Summer 2010 updates

Lot of things have happened on the site, if you haven’t visit the site in while let me tell you all the news.

More whiskies, distillers & categories

I added a few more whisky categories, you can now sort the whiskies by, Blended, Blended malt, Bourbon, Grain, Malt spirit, Other whisky, Rye, Single malt, Straight wheat & Tennessee

I’ve also added lots of new distilleries, producers & brands Not all have complete information but it’s coming… for example, here is all Swedish, American, Japanese or Scotch distillers.

Japanese malts

I you are interested in Japanese malts, you should really check out the Japanese distillers, Yoichi, Kawasaki, Suntory, Karuizawa, Hakushu, Yamazaki & Nikka

New global navigation

I have introduced a new global top navigation on the site. It should now be easier to navigate and find new interesting whiskies and distillers. Here is some examples: vintage, bottling date, bottler, series strength, age or country.


I’m running a serie of interviews with people who love whisky (who could have guessed). Check out the their interesting views and opinions on whisky. Here is the interviews with Gal Granov, Filip Ling & Jörgen Bechtold

Your collection now have images

Have you started added whiskies to your collection?  You now get photos of your gems, check my collection as an example. More photos hopefully make it look neater.

Invite your friends

Do you have friends that also love whisky? You can now invite them directly from the site. Just go to Your Profile > Send Invites and add your friends mail and they will get an invite.

Search directly from the browser

Did you know that you can search directly from your browser. Just go the frontpage of the site and click the ‘Add’ button in your browsers search field. When active you search directly on

Anything missing?

So is there anything that is missing on the site? What can be improved? I would love to hear from you what can be improved.  You decide what I should focus on!

Want to help out?

Are you a great whisky lover who would like to help out? I’m always looking for editors who can make the best whisky community. Just mail me and we can have a talk! on Twitter

You can always keep up with what is happening on by follow me on Twitter.