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Summary of Stockholm Beer & Whisky festival

The Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival was a success! Today was the last day and I was there last evening for my second time this year. Last weekend I went with a friend who was more of beer guy than whisky guy. We tasted a few beers but I got the opportunity to talk to the editor (I think) for the great Swedish whisky magazine. I also had a nice talk to one of the founders of the new whisky distillery in Sweden called Box. First evening I got a chance to taste two whiskies.

Bruichladdish 1992 Single cask, a first fill bourbon barrel which had a full body, fruity and lots of sea. The bottle was dated and numbered by hand. The bottle was signed by the legendary John McDougall. Evening favorite!

Royal Lochnager 1996 Single Cask, one of the least known distilleries. The bottle have been laying on a dry “fino sherry” which is quite uncommon for single casks. The taste had a tight body. The aroma was lighter with lots of peat and sherry. The bottle was dated and numbered by hand. The bottle was signed by the legendary John McDougall.

Yesterday I went with some friends of mine. First part of the evening I focused on swedish beer producers like Nyneshamn, Stockholm, Nils Oscar and Jämtland. Lots of great beers. Later on the evening I got some chance to try great whiskies.

Yamazaki Singe malt Cask 1990 from Japan on a sherry butt and Spanish oak Probably the best whisky yesterday! Great body with lots of wine, chocolate and sherry. Had a really beautiful color of mahogany. (Here is a another review of the whisky) @ Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival II

Edradour 1996 SFTC Rum Finish 57%. from Savannah Distillery, Reunion Island. Quite complex with much spirit both in taste and aroma. Needed water to take it down a bit. Most of my friends did not like this one.

Glenglassaugh 34YO, 1973 52%. Had a golden honey color and a aroma of oats and honey. Did not have much aroma first but with a taste that really exploded in the mouth. The taste was oily, with dessert spices like vanilla and cereal flavors. This one needed water. This was also a favorite, probably the oldest (and costly) whisky I have tasted.

Elijah Craig 12YO. An american bourbon that have gotten good reviews but I was disappointed. I should probably not compare Scotch Single malt with a American bourbon. It had lots of vanilla and sweets with some malty taste. Would work for dessert and a espresso.

That was this years festival. My first and I had a really great time. I also got to talk about and give away lots of flyers. Hopefully I’ll see some more visitors on the site in the future. @ Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival I

September 29th, 2008

Seems like a good time :)