Photograph: Magnus

New release of

Yesterday (18th of jan) I released a new version (v286) of So what is new you might wonder. First of all the core framework I’m using has been updated which is now more modern, secure and optimized. This will make it easier for me to create new great features in the future. Most of this core functionality is nothing you as the user will notice.

New mobile version

The mobile version (if you are using your phone) has been updated with a new framework which looks really nice. You should try it out. Just go to with you mobile phone and you will get an optimised version of the site.

More high res. photos

I’ve started to add photos to the whisky bottles. If you a signed up you even the images in high definition so go and check it out.


I’ve given the rating more focus on site. Hopefully more users will start to rate their favourite whiskies (and distilleries). So is Ardbeg 10YO better than Balvenie 12YO?

More facts and ratings

Every article now have information about cask type, location, price, owner, contact, year and much more. You can sort and filter all the whiskies and distilleries on all sorts of ways. Haven’t you had the need to find whiskies with sherry taste with the age of 10 or 15 YO.

News syndication and blog

The news syndication and blog has now been moved from own sites. to be integrated in the same site. This make it easier for me when updating. Instead of three sites there is now just one. It is now easier to see from what site the news article has been syndicated from.


I removed the possibility to add own articles as default. If you want to be an editor just mail me and I’ll set it up.

Your whisky and profile

Not new for this release but you now have a profile page with information about yourself and what whisky you own. Now others can get jealous of just your whisky collection.