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Hooray, first release

I am pleased to let you now that my first release of has been released into the wild.

What is and what is that funky name you might ask? I’ll tell you in just a second.

First I want to present myself. I am Jens, just a guy who likes whisky and lives in Stockhom, Sweden. For about a year ago I had an idea to start a whisky community. My vision was a community that had both information and facts about distilleries and whiskies from around the globe. At the same time I wanted the site to be a great community where people like myself could discuss and rate great whiskies – Today I released a small part of my vision.

At you can read, comment and rate most of the content. You don’t need to sign up to do this. If you do sign up you get the possibility to edit and add own content to the site. The idea I have is that everyone can contribute to If everyone shares their knowledge I hope that the content will be updated and the site will feel “alive”.

So what is that funky name, well it’s quite easy, it’s welsh and means whisky. Welsh is a gaelic dialect which is talked in western United Kingdom – in Wales. In fact, the oldest claim for the existence of a distilled alcoholic spirit in the British Isles comes not from Ireland, nor from Scotland, but from Wales.

So go and sign up and get started. If you have any questions, just add a comment below or mail me at

Now I’m off to celebrate with my newly bought Clynelish 1974 / 23 Year old whisk…

PS. If you are in Stockholm this weekend or next I must recommend Stockholm Beer & Whisky festival. I’ll be the there the 20th and 26th and I’ll be wearing a black t-shirt, if you see me don’t be shy, come by and say hi! DS.

August 8th, 2009

@Lewis: Thanks for comment, I didn’t know that but has fixed the typo. Cheers!

August 5th, 2009

The word is Welsh, not Welch. The British Army use the spelling with a ‘c’ for a regiment, and that was probably a miss-spelling by someone in the mists of time.

September 20th, 2008

Thanks for the nice words. Sounds like you are going to have a nice evening. Let me know what you think on the main site. You know that you can add the bottle and rate it and then others can make comments and also rate it?

September 19th, 2008

Today it is friday 19/sept-08 I have take a look in my whiskey room, I finde a intresting bootel ,I call my frend Lars F and tell hime to come over and taste a Talisker TD-S 5HT Bottled in -05 1992 (45,8%)/Double matured in Amoroso wood
I be back and give my rec, later / Mr TW

September 16th, 2008

Nice site !