Photograph: Magnus goes social (for real)

A brand new release of is out and now we go social. Now you can connect with others who love whisky and:

  • View your and others brand new profile page
  • See recent activity, like comments and discussion on your and others ”wall”
  • Add other members as ”friends”
  • Send messages to your members, either private or public
  • Create or join groups
  • Add and remove whiskies to your profile
  • Add your own user photo (or use Gravatar)

Here is an example of my profile, nice looking fella, right?

Example of goes social
Example of account menu (left), groups (top right) and activity (bottom left)

Password change

As I have made many changes to the user code your password might have been reset. If you cannot login, just go to the link below to reset the password.

Clean start of ratings

I have also decided to reset the ratings of the whiskies. As this upgrade created a conflict with the old and new system I decided that this was the easiest way to go. Just head over to your favourite whiskies and make some reviews and ratings!