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House of Commons 12 Years, Bot. 1980′s

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Black and White Scotch Whisky

Scotland —

customers simply started referring to Buchanan Blend as “that black and white whisky”. Before the name of the blend was officially changed, another name was introduced. James won a contract to supply the House of Commons with whisky, hence the short-lived, new name of Buchanan’s House of Commons Scotch Whisky. Although the name of the whisky had changed, it was still in a black bottle, it still portrayed the simple white label…

H.S. Persse Nun’s Island (Galway) Distillery

Ireland — Western Ireland

…on of fire, there being an inexhaustible supply of water on all sides. The whiskey was known as Persse’s Galway Whisky and the annual output was about 400,000 gallons. The label proudly displayed “as supplied to the House of Commons”. Barnard did sample some of the whisky upon arrival in Galway but did not comment as to whether it was a pure pot still or malt whiskey. They also would appear to have been one of the first Irish distilleries to b…