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Inver House Distillers

Scotland —

Inver House Distillers was established in 1964 as a subsidiary of the American company, Publicker Industries. In the 1970’s the Scotch Whisky industry faced competition from other spirit categoreis and coupled with the death of its American Chairman, Publicker Industries did not focus its business interests in its Scottish subsidiaries. As a result of this, the malt and grain distilleries at the Scottish site in Airdrie became surplus to require…

Bladnoch Distillery

Scotland — Lowland

…: “A square pile of buildings erected around a courtyard, with all the water used in the works coming from a mill dam supplied from the upper reaches of the river; an overshot water wheel does all the driving power. The Malting House is a mainly stone building 118 feet by 28 feet with a slated roof, the woodwork painted red; it has three floors, the ground floor for malting and the top floors for barley, each possessing a stone step. There…

Glenturret Distillery

Scotland — Highland

…during this period were kept as storage by the Murrays of Ochtertyre. It did not reopen again to production till 1957 when it was revitalised by James Fairlie. Fairlie was a whisky enthusiast and his intention was to create a malt whisky created in traditional fashion and to preserve the craft of distilling. The distillery was bought by Cointreau in 1981 and from there passed to Highland Distillers in 1990. Since then it has become the home of “T…

Cardhu Distillery

Scotland — Speyside

…pring water from Mannoch Hill started to be mixed with water from the local Lynne burn to supply the increased production of the distillery. In December 2003 Cardhu caused controversy by halting the production of their single malt and replacing it with a vatted malt which they called a pure malt in order to keep up with the ever increasing demand for the whisky for use in Johnnie Walker blended whiskies. However in 2006 Cardhu recommenced produci…

Kininvie Distillery

Scotland — Speyside

The Kininvie Distillery is a distillery in Dufftown, Moray which produces single malt Scotch whisky. The distillery is owned by William Grant & Sons and the product from the distillery is used in their vatted malt and blended whisky brands. History The Kininvie Distillery is one of the youngest distilleries in Scotland, the distillery began production on the 4th July 1990. The distillery, whilst featuring computer controlled distillation, la…

Aultmore Distillery

Scotland — Speyside

…7;s water-wheel became an outdated source of power. It was first supplemented, then replaced, by the Abernethy 10 horsepower steam engine, dated 1898. The steam engine, driven by a system of line shafts, worked the barley and malt conveying plant, the malt dresser and mill, the mashing machine, the wash still rummager and various pumps. This piece of engineering excellence continued to give service for almost three-quarters of a century and is pr…

Balvenie Distillery

Scotland — Speyside

e autumn of 1886. William Grant remained active in the company until his death in 1923 at the age of 83. In 2007, Balvenie’s Global Brand Ambassador, David Mair presented an online documentary series about the making of malt whisky, shot in and around the Balvenie Distillery. Awards At the 2006 International Spirits Challenge, The Balvenie was awarded gold medals for its Founder’s Reserve 10 Year Old, DoubleWood 12 Year Old, Balvenie NewWoo…

Convalmore Distillery

Scotland — Speyside

…for mature whisky. After a serious fire, on the 29th October 1909, that practically destroyed the distillery. The distillery was rebuilt during the following year, the owners decided to add a continuous still for distilling a malt wash. This still had a continuous capacity for 2273 litres an hour. The experiment with a column still lasted until 1916. The process was abandoned because the spirit would not mature evenly. Pot still distillation was…

Caol Ila 12 Years

Scotland — Islay — Caol Ila — 379SEK
Photo of Caol Ila 12 Years

Hazzz A whiskey that is a bit smoky, tarry, rich and oily. Yes, I like this sharp, but it is a bit short finish. Perfect after a good dinner. Strongly recommended. S-Å As i had the opportunity to have my good friends here for a three dinner dishes we tried some good whisky brought to my house by the owner of this site

We tried 5 different whisky
Of the 5 expressions in this tasting, this is the most rounded and balanced whisky

On the nos…