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Early Times 4 Years, Bot. 1980′s

Photo of Early Times 4 Years, Bot. 1980′s

Aultmore Distillery

Scotland — Speyside

try. Oban and Aultmore’s output had to be cut, and the share capital reduced to £67,650. The market was overloaded with Speyside malts in 1900, and Aultmore made little progress until trade revived in 1903-04. More hard times were to come as distilleries were closed during World War I to conserve supplies of barley and then affected by economic recession in the United Kingdom and Prohibition in the United States. In 1923, Oban & Aultmor…

Mortlach Distillery

Scotland — Speyside

…are six stills, but they are of different sizes and shapes, and the regime is not quite triple distillation; actually it’s 2.7! Crucial to the equation is No.1 spirit still, known as ‘the Wee Witchie’, which is charged three times in each run. The resulting new make spirit is among the richest and heaviest in the industry, and takes ex-sherrywood maturation to perfection. Such casks are now less common, but before 1946 most of the casks filled b…