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Argyll Distillery

Scotland — Campbeltown

Argyll distillery was established by Duncan McKinnon in 1828 on Lorne St. Just after Duncan past away in 1839, Robert Colvill and his fellows moved the distillery near Millknowe Rd where it is now a Longrow St. Though the distillery was on the decline as the time went by and in 1923 the distillery was closed. It is now used as a petrol station. Some windows and roofs remain and you can imagine the old days of Argyll from it….

Beinn Bhuide Argyll 15 Years, Pot Still Decanter

Scotland — Campbeltown — Argyll
Photo of Beinn Bhuide Argyll 15 Years, Pot Still Decanter

Oban Distillery

Scotland — Highland

Oban Distillery is a whisky distillery in the Scottish west coast port of Oban. The town of Oban in Argyll sprung up around the distillery after it was built. The distillery only has two pot stills, making it one of the smallest in Scotland. Oban is currently owned by Diageo. History The distillery was built in 1794 by the brothers John and Hugh Stevenson and operated by him until 1866 when it was bought by Peter Curnstie. It was then acquired b…